Custom product labels

Custom product labels

You know just how good your product is and how unique it is to the market. You know how much time and effort you've spent getting it exactly the way you want it. The problem is, if you don't communicate all this to potential customers, you'll be the only one who knows!

Do your product justice and make sure it has a label that reflects just how special it really is. A good label does more than simply name your product and list ingredients. A good label entices the buyer by standing out from the crowd. A good label communicates. A good label encapsulates the essence of the product not just with its artwork but with its shape, its size and the material it uses.

At Labels Plus we understand all this. You see, we've been creating stand-out labels for years, helping new business gain credibility in the marketplace and established businesses revamp their products to regenerate sales.

Our state of the art digital printing technology allows us to create labels of any shape, size and material with reduced set up costs.

We will ensure that your product puts its very best foot forward when it enters the marketplace.

  • Superior Label Printing Services
  • Digital Print Technology allows labeling of any shape or size
  • Comprehensive range of materials available, from paper to hard wearing vinyl to a classy crystal clear look
  • Printed proofs

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Getting started is easy

Get custom printed labels delivered to your door in 3 easy steps. With no set-up costs and a proof available, getting started couldn't be easier.

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Full colour labels

Select this option if your label requires a full colour range, high quality finish on either photo quality paper or vinyl.


Budget labels

Select this option if your label is a simple, stencil-like image on self-adhesive paper with up to 3 printed colours and colour match is not essential.