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Barcode & QR Code Labels

Barcode Labels

Whether you are new to the arcane world of barcodes or simply looking to print a new batch of existing labels, the experienced staff at LabelsPlus can help.

For those launching a new retail product, your first stop should be GS1 NZ. GS1 is the global non-profit organization that sets international standards for the identification of goods and services. A GS1 barcode can be scanned by any one, in any corner of the world... and GS1 NZ is the only authorized issuer of GS1 barcodes in New Zealand.

Getting a barcode from GS1 easy. Simply set up an account via their website, answer a few questions about your product and generate your barcode artwork directly from the site.

Once you supply us with the artwork, we'll print a sample that you can send to GS1 for verification that the barcode meets their specifications.

If your barcode will be printed as a stand-alone label, the most cost effective option will be our Budget Label service (use the form at right to get an instant quote).

If your barcode contains variable data or needs to be incorporated with other images and text, give us a call (0508 33 44 66) or use our contact form to discuss your requirements.

To place an order or enquire about our labels, please call us on 0508 33 44 66 or use our contact form.


QR Codes

Bring interactivity to your packaging with a two dimensional QR (quick response) matrix code.

The most common application for QR Codes is as a print based website link. If your mobile phone has barcode scanning software installed, scan the QR Code at left and see where it takes you!

But it doesn't stop there. QR Codes can also store phone numbers, sms text messages, email addresses and pretty much any other alphanumeric data. Point a scanning device at it and the device will open up the appropriate software application required to handle the data correctly.

This opens the way for marketers to coax qualified prospects further down a predefined sales funnel without any delay or effort... bringing the viewer to the advertiser's website for example, where a longer and more targeted sales pitch can continue.

Note that you don't need GS1 to get a QR code. You can generate your own from any number of free websites like the one at QRStuff.com. Simply generate your free code, forward the image to us and we'll do the rest.

To place an order or enquire about our labels, please call us on 0508 33 44 77 or use our contact form.


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